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Engaging Creative Power to Change Lives

LIFEbeat is a UK charity which cultivates the potential of young people and adults by stimulating their creativity in the context of a safe and vibrant community. Our programmes have been developed from the Creative Community Model originally developed by PYE in the US. It is based on the premise that humans are essentially creative and that we all thrive as a result of genuine and authentic connections with others.

We help young people
By running vibrant, safe, week-long Summer Camps for 14-18 year olds, then providing ongoing support through group mentoring and reunions. We have recently launched an Ambassadors Programme available at participating schools which gives even more people a taste of the LIFEbeat experience.

We help adults
By offering Creative Practice Workshops, usually run over weekends. These have been designed to be used by professionals in the teaching,  counselling and youth care sectors but are also available to anyone wanting to develop creativity, ignite passion into their lives develop their inner wellbeing.

All of the programmes are:  
  • arts-based
  • inter-generational and
  • multi-cultural
They foster  
  • self-knowledge
  • leadership and
  • social interaction

Our Impact

LIFEbeat participated in an evaluation commissioned by PYE on the effectiveness of summer camps working with the Creative Community Model between 2010 and 2012. This found that over 91% of the children experienced an increase in self confidence. Read the full report here. LIFEbeat also carries out its own evaluations at the end of each Summer Camp which further support these findings. 100% had positive interactions with youth from different backgrounds..


Register for Spring Creative Practice Workshops in 2016:

- 23rd-24th January (Bristol)
- 20th-21st February (London)
- 23rd-24th April (London)
- 22nd-24th April (Embercombe)
- 20th-22nd May (Embercombe)

Early bird discounts available!
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2016 Summer Programme

4 camps confirmed:

21st July - 28th July
26th July - 2nd August
15th August - 22nd August
18th August - 25th August

Staff and volunteers needed –  apply now!

Click here for more information on how to join the staff team for our 2015 Summer Programme

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